Dining Here

Location and Hours

Our address is 214 North Craig Street, 15213. 

Summer Hours (through Labor Day):
Monday–Thursday 5-9:00pm
Friday and Saturday 5–9:30pm
Closed Sundays

Butterjoint (our bar next door)
Monday–Saturday, 4:30pm until midnight
Closed Sundays






Parking is available in the garage directly across the street.  The cost is $5 for up to 2 hours and an additional $1 per hour after that.

Metered parking is available up and down Craig Street, and parts of Bayard, and is free after 6pm. Most other parking in the neighborhood is 1-hour permit parking. 


What kind of food do you serve?
Our food can be described as New American with heavy French and Eastern European influences.

What is the price point?
We try to offer a wide range of price options to fit within people’s budgets, while at the same time being able to source and prepare special seasonal items that are sometimes pricey. Appetizers range from $6 to $14, and entrees typically range in price from $21 to $36.  

What does “local” mean to you?
Because the word “local” means many things to many different people, it’s a word try to avoid when describing our food. As much as possible, however, Legume tries to source “food with a face,” meaning purchasing food directly from farms we can visit ourselves and farmers we know.

 “As much as possible” can also mean many things to many different people, so it’s worth mentioning that in the summer and fall, the kitchen spends a lot of time preserving several thousands of pounds of produce through methods of fermentation, drying, and canning so that we can continue to use “local” product through the winter. We butcher all of our meat in house, giving us the ability to source over 95% of the meat we serve from right in Western PA.  

We strive to increase the range of what “as much as possible” means each year by developing new relationships with farmers, investing in restaurant infrastructure that allows us to increase the percentage of “food with a face” we can prep and cook with each year.  

Who made the tables?
Jason Boone at Urban Tree Forage.

Who owns Legume?
Legume is a family-owned business operated by Sarah and Trevett Hooper.

Are kids welcome?

What should I wear?
Everyone says “come as you are” but we mean it! Whether you’re dressed for business or just coming from the gym, stop into Butterjoint for a cocktail or sit in the dining room for a steak--we welcome your personal style.

Is there a corkage fee?
Yes.  $15 per bottle. We offer free corkage on Monday nights.

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