Chef Csilla Joins the Team; Cassoulet

We’re happy to announce that Chef Csilla Thackray will be joining the Good Faith Restaurant team as Legume’s chef de cuisine starting this February. Csilla has been the executive chef of the Vandal (one of our personal favorites in Pittsburgh) since it opened.

We’ve been without a CDC since this past January.  In announcing this happy news, I feel the need to acknowledge the chefs behind the scenes who have kept things going at Legume this past year, especially Jessica George and Chris Shuplock who sacrificed a lot. I’m really proud of the way they’ve been able to keep quality high, and customers happy during this transitional year without a CDC and with Pie For Breakfast opening.

Keeping the creative spark alive and well in a professional kitchen is its own job, and I’m happy to make room in the fold here for Csilla to do just that. It’s always been very important to Sarah and I that Legume remain a place that is continually growing and evolving, and have a lot of confidence that Csilla’s abilities and talents will help us to this end.

It’s Legume Season
This is really the time of year where we do our best cooking. In the summer, everything is new and fresh and the menu is changing all the time. In the winter, things tend to change less, and we settle into a more established repertoire. We visit the same dishes over and over, year after year–Cassoulet, Beef and Kimchi Soup, Shaker Corn, Blood Orange Salad and others.

These dishes are like old friends, and like old friends, these dishes change from year to year. The same, but a little different. It never ceases to amaze me how much a dish that we’ve been making for ten years can still be evolving. For example, this year we noticed the tarbais are more creamy and easier to cook when they’re a year old. The past four years, we’d been using beans dried only a few months earlier. We continue to make other tweaks too: we discovered we like super-fresh bread crumbs instead of dried, to give the crust a chewy-crunchy texture; we tweaked the Toulouse sausage recipe; the duck confit cure is better than in years past. A lot of thought has gone into the cassoulet over the years.

Cassoulet should reliably be on the menu at least through Valentine’s Day. After that, we sometimes get tired of making it and usually take it off the menu.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that the dishes we feel like retiring for the season have not yet been had be all who want it. For this reason, we’ll keep it going until March, when it will be time to start thinking about Zurek and tropical foods.

Alex, Trevett and Jess tasting Maple Springs Wines and planning the menu

Wine Dinner at Legume:
Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Join winemaker Jef Stebben and the culinary team at Legume as we celebrate Pennsylvania wine! Maple Springs Vineyards in Bechtelsville, PA was founded in 2008 and produced their first vintage from estate grown fruit in 2012. Jef, a graduate of UC Davis, brings years of winemaking experience from working in wineries and consulting in the Pacific Northwest and California. Focused on sustainable farming and winemaking, Maple Springs is setting the bar for Pennsylvania wine and expressing the unique terroir of their vineyard sites. We currently carry their Chardonnay and Pinor Noir by the bottle and we’re excited to share some of their other offerings with you by way of a six course tasting menu. Jef will be on hand to explain his wines and answer your questions.

The price for this six course meal with wine pairings is $125 per person plus tax and gratuity. Please call 412-621-2700 to make a reservation. We look forward to sharing this remarkable PA wine with you!

Jess, Jade, Jason and Devalle being dorks, uh I mean, um cool. 

We’re Still Cool 
Thrillist says Legume is still one of the “Best of the Best” in Pittsburgh, and named Pie For Breakfast one of the best new openings in 2018–quite an honor considering a record-breaking sixty seven thousand restaurants opened in Pittsburgh in 2018.

We are also honored to be considered one of Pittsburgh Quarterly’s “Ten great places to come in from the cold.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Cheap Date Night Returns!

Next Tuesday, January 22nd is the return of Cheap Date Night at Legume! $50 gets you three courses for two people. Since this is a special event, reservations are available by phone or in person only. Please call the restaurant at 412-621-2700 to make reservations. Hope to see you there!

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