About Us

History and Vision

In 2007, Legume opened as a tiny BYOB restaurant in Regent Square; we moved to our current location in Oakland 2011. Over the years Legume’s ethos has remained the same, though we've gotten much better at our ability to execute it. Our menu changes regularly and reflects the seasons and our ever-evolving interests in the kitchen. 

Guests can expect food that is very French in technique, with American and Eastern European influences. The latter is especially important in the cold weather months when we cook with a lot of foods preserved the season before.

Legume cooking is old fashioned in the sense that we still do things like make meat stocks and demi glace, and contemporary in the sense that the reason for making these things in the first place is because we always have a lot of bones around resulting from our commitment to source all of the meat we serve our guests from high quality, healthy animals. The result? Food that is firmly rooted in place, ephemeral, and full of old-fashioned flavor. 

Our Mission

"To provide customers with high quality food and gracious service in a warm, casual atmosphere at a good value that, as much as we can know, is sourced and produced in a way that nourishes the well-being of our community, and the lives of our employees, customers, and people we do business with.”

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