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Our Vision 

Welcome to Legume!  We’ve been serving Pittsburgh for over ten years. We aspire to serve fine dining food that is as nourishing as it is delicious, as comforting as it is evocative, and as rooted in tradition as it is forward-thinking. Our menu changes every day to reflect the seasons, the evolving interests of the cooks in the kitchen, and the wants of our regular guests.

A significant amount of the meat, poultry, and vegetables we cook with are purchased from local farms. Our in-house butcher and vegetable preservation program allows us to keep connections to local foodways throughout the year. Though we make no claims of being a perfect “farm to table” restaurant (we like lemons, foreign wine, and Parmesan cheese too much!)  we do try to offer our guests a singular experience which could only happen right here in Pittsburgh, and the local producers we work with are undeniably a major part of that.

Not in a fine dining mood but still want great quality food? The full Legume menu is available next door at our sister bar, Butterjoint, along with a bar menu featuring homemade pierogis and fresh-ground hamburgers. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis in the bar. You can get on the wait list before you arrive by using the No Wait app.

Thanks for checking out our website and we hope to see you soon! 

Our Mission

"To provide customers with high quality food and gracious service in a warm, casual atmosphere at a good value that, as much as we can know, is sourced and produced in a way that nourishes the well-being of our community, and the lives of our employees, customers, and people we do business with.”

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